Step Into Palau

The Goal

The goal in Palau is to get the church where it can stand on its own without a missionary. We want to "put ourselves out of a job." This involves the faithfulness of the membership, being financially independent and having strong, local leadership.

The churches we work with are already financially indpendent. We never set them up to operate beyond their means, so they are self-sustaining from the start concerning finances. We do help with one-time expenses like building projects. Otherwise, when the local churches have the means to hire a preacher, they take that step forward.

How to Get There

Teach, serve, love, teach. The people respond when we show how much we and God care for them. It's almost a fool-proof method -- people can't help but respond favorably when God's care is shown. Just like our Lord did when He was on earth, we strive to get involved in their lives and help with whatever it is they are doing. It may be helping them fix something at their houses, or giving them a ride to town -- but mostly, it's spiritual help. They know that's what we're primarily there to do. When we show our care for them, we earn the right to speak to them about spiritual things.


The people of Palau are connected to their past through their customs. They hold on to those customs and cherish them. One is the "First Childbirth Ceremony." When a woman has her first child, she participates in an elaborate ceremony where she is covered in coconut oil and turmeric.

Another unique custom is the funeral ceremony. It lasts for over a week, many people attend, hoardes of food are provided, and the attendees all give money to the family. Some are even assigned an amount to give based on how closely they were related to the deceased.

Customs Affect Outreach

Another custom of Palau is that one is not to go onto another person's property without permission. Therefore, door knocking is not appropriate in Palau. Instead, some of the things we do for outreach are:

    - Hold a booth at a Friday night market.
        (We give away Bibles and DVDs)
    - Reach out through the church membership
    - Show Bible programs on our TV channel:
        Moving Mountains Television
    ...and others

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Joey and Tammy Treat live with their children in the country of Palau and work with the Church of Christ there.  Joey also travels to Chuuk state in the Federated States of Micronesia to assist the three churches of Christ on the main island of Weno.


Joey and Tammy Treat
P.O. Box 10205
Koror, PW  96940

Phone in Palau: (680) 488-8377 (we are 14 hours ahead of US Central Time)
Phone in US when reporting: (has answering machine) (931) 823-0697
Cell Phone in US: (931) 265-6302


We publish a monthly newsletter to keep our supporters and others up to date on the work. We send it by email or as a paper copy through the mail.  If you would like to receive it, please email us at