Moving Mountains Television

How it Started

Looking for new outreach opportunities in Palau, we wanted to do a live, call-in TV show. Of the two other stations in Palau, one was not willing to do it (they didn't want to man the office at night), and the other wanted $500 per episode, which was far beyond our financial ability. We went home discouraged and defeated.

I thought, "Why are they charging so much? What's involved with having a TV station? How hard could this be?" I yelled to Tammy, "We're going to start our own TV station!" Learning what was involved, we found we could do it. We could have our own TV channel for about one-fifth of what they wanted to charge us. So now, instead of one hour per week, we have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to show Bible programs and community events.

Our Programming

Those in the brotherhood who are producing video materials were very generous with us. Apologetics Press, World Video Bible School, Focus Press, Truth for the World, and others opened their doors to us and said, "Here, take anything you want." They gave us copyright permissions to show them on the channel. About 90% of our programming consists of Bible shows; the other 10% is community programs. We film (for free) some events around Palau as a way of staying connected to and serving the community.

Where It's at Now and the Next Step

We currently have a solid schedule of Bible programs playing 24 hours a day. "In Search of the Lord's Way" airs daily, we have a Pacific Islands Bible College hour and an apologetics hour. In the evenings we often show debates. The Palauans love to debate politics...we're trying to capture their minds on religion.

The Important Next Step

The islanders love locally made programs. They'll watch locally made programs 10 to 1 over US programs. In a restaurant in Chuuk they were watching a Palauan TV channel. The Chuukese don't speak Palauan, and it was a talk show. I called the waitress over and motioned to the TV, "Do you understand what they are saying?"
"Well then why are you watching this channel?"
She said, "Because it's local -- its the islands -- these are our neighbors in Palau."
Imagine seeing a guy in the grocery store and going home and turning on the TV. There he is, saying something about the Bible. Most people will stop and listen, even if just for a minute.
That's the advantage we have in Palau -- if only we could film our own programs.
Being a single family on the mission field, however, we've reached our limit. We must not let the TV work overshadow the other apsects of the mission work, and we do have the channel operating steadily on a schedule. There just isn't time for more...with us alone.
The next step is to hire a local to help us with recording and editing our own program. With taxes, we can hire someone full time for $800 in monthly salary. Would you consider helping us take the next step forward in this all-important work? We have the cameras, the lights, the computers, the software--everything. We only need to hire an assistant to make it happen.

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Joey and Tammy Treat live with their children in the country of Palau and work with the Church of Christ there.  Joey also travels to Chuuk state in the Federated States of Micronesia to assist the three churches of Christ on the main island of Weno.


Joey and Tammy Treat
P.O. Box 10205
Koror, PW  96940

Phone in Palau: (680) 488-8377 (we are 14 hours ahead of US Central Time)
Phone in US when reporting: (has answering machine) (931) 823-0697
Cell Phone in US: (931) 265-6302


We publish a monthly newsletter to keep our supporters and others up to date on the work. We send it by email or as a paper copy through the mail.  If you would like to receive it, please email us at