All Funds Through Forest Park

All funding goes through the Forest Park Church of Christ and is overseen by the elders there. Even if someone writes us a personal check, we send it to the office at Forest Park. We do this because we don't ever want to be accused of misusing the Lord's funds. We keep receipts for every expense and can show where every penny in the work has gone. (We have tubs of receipts dating back to the beginning of our work -- 10 years!)

When special needs arise, like plane tickets for reporting, we make a special request to the elders for approval of the extra funds. This system keeps them safe, us safe, and the work safe.

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Joey and Tammy Treat live with their children in the country of Palau and work with the Church of Christ there.  Joey also travels to Chuuk state in the Federated States of Micronesia to assist the three churches of Christ on the main island of Weno.


Joey and Tammy Treat
P.O. Box 10205
Koror, PW  96940

Phone in Palau: (680) 488-8377 (we are 14 hours ahead of US Central Time)
Phone in US when reporting: (has answering machine) (931) 823-0697
Cell Phone in US: (931) 265-6302


We publish a monthly newsletter to keep our supporters and others up to date on the work. We send it by email or as a paper copy through the mail.  If you would like to receive it, please email us at